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With our free account change service, you can easily and easily switch to Garda Bank Munich! Brokerage commission, renovation, new furniture and moving van – with the change of the house, the consumers are faced with many costs. Be our customer and just change. We will help you not to forget anything when you switch from your old account to your new Garda account. Motorists also do not switch to cheaper comprehensive insurance.


Account change


With the move online account change your previous checking account in a few moments and inform all business partners that make your existing checking account debiting or recover by standing order. All you need is the IBAN of your new savings bank giro account and the access data for the online banking of your old account. You have 89 days access to the information and can initiate further direct debits or the resolution of the old account.


Add your customer number, change the address of the payment partner if necessary and indicate when the payment should be made using your newly created bank account at the bank. Have your old check account closed. You don’t have a current account with the Mittelthuringen health insurance? Basic requirement for the online account change is a current account with the health insurance Mittelthuringen.


Account Change Service


Thanks to our free account switching service, formalities are a thing of the past. You can use the account change service conveniently via mobile phone, tablet or computer. Incidentally, if you do not yet have online banking, you still have access to the account exchange service “Guided Tour”. The tour will help you to choose your payment partners based on suggestions.


How do the change services for accounts work?


If you have previously used online banking, you can call up the account change service by clicking the “Start account change service” button and register on the funo-digital GmbH website with the details of your old account. All existing payment partners will be clearly listed. It is also possible to insert or deactivate payment agencies at your own request.


Finally, the company sends the notification letters to all payment partners on request. If you have never used online banking before, you can conveniently choose your payment partners based on suggestions. Why are the access data of my former house bank requested? Based on the information provided by your old bank, the payment transaction partners and business transactions used so far are prepared.


What information is being used?

What information is being used?

To ensure optimal customer service, the following information is required: Your address as sender address for sending letters to your payment partner. Your bank code and the online banking account data for the automated determination of payment partners and standing orders. We will only process your personal usage data once, transmit it in encrypted form and delete it immediately after completing the account change.


Because you are the account owner and business partner of the payment transaction partners, you will be marked as a sender in the news. At the same time, the subsequent correspondence between you and the respective business partner is simplified. Do I get a copy of the letter? Based on the information provided by your former house bank, we will compile a standing order summary for you.


With our revocation letter you can inform your house bank about the last execution date of standing orders. Create new business transactions in online banking based on the last execution date. Check your existing exemption order and adjust it if necessary or grant us a new exemption order.

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